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are seeing some activity down towards stanton virginia, that could head our way later tonight. again, watching the radars in the skies closely but for now just a chance of storms as we work into the evening. much more about your outlook and hot weather ahead. kellye. >> thanks wyatt. police in bel air are searching for the man who pulled the trigger in a fatal shooting over the weekend. how detectives broke the silence surrounding the murder in a parking lot just a block off main street, in order bond, hartford county seat. >> reporter: with more than 100 people partying outside bel air american legion hall, police knew someone must have seen the man who gunned down max ski junior of aberdeen. >> our detectives worked throughout the night and interviewed 25 individuals we think were at the party or knew someone at the party and through those interviews, the
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officers were able to develop several eyewitnesses. >> reporter: 20-year-old mohammed of parkville had attended a party in the rented banquet hall of the legion and fired the shots that killed maxi and struck a 15-year-old girl in the leg. we are asking anyone to give us a call with information. there is a reward offered up to $2,000 for the where abilities of mohammed. >> reporter: his street name is black is no stranger to the law. three years ago a conviction on an assault charge resulted in a 3.5 year prison sentence. he was out on parole at the time of the killing and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. jeff hagueer, abc two news. the killing represents the first murder in bel air in four years and the city's second homicide in 27 years.
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state house minor phi leader is demanding answers in the death of a teacher. he says it is inexcusable five months have passed and no charges filed in the case. a fellow employee found her body outside a locked door at a smaller lower security building at the youth facility. the suspect a boy she taught was moved to another juvenile center in maryland since the incident. department of juvenile services closed the building and fired two employees. police say a child hit by a squad car last night is doing fine. it happened in the 500 block, sheridan avenue north baltimore. a 5-year-old boy darted in between two parked cars the officer driving by tried to avoid him but grazed the boy. he suffered injuries to his legs. the investigation continues into exactly who drove that car into the glen falls curing yesterday's -- during
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yesterday's storms. it took a twist. brian. >> last night, fire crews pulled that mangled car out of the stream in west baltimore we are still looking for the driver. police say there is no need to search. it was a group of juveniles lost control of the car driving it through the barrier crashing it into the swelling stream although those waters are known to be very dangerous during storms, witnesses tell police they saw the group of kids get out of the car and runaway. >> at this time and this is just our preliminary investigation we have units on the scene as we are talking now. we believe at least three juveniles exited the car and fled. >> police are still trying to locate them and determine whether or not the car was stolen. abc 2 news. a baltimore county father is in big trouble tonight for leaving his 5-year-old daughter locked in a hot car. hector hernandez is charged
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with child abuse, wreckless endangerment and leaving a child unattended. police got a call from someone who saw the girl sitting in a locked pick up sunday morning in a lows parking lot the officer called the fire department who broke the windows and pulled the child out she was taken to st. agnes hospital for an evaluation. he admitted he left his daughter in the car and was arrested. hartford county man faces a series of auto theft charges after he picked up abandoned vehicles along the highway and sold them for salvage. detectives cracked the case after a broken down van stolen in baltimore county turned up at crazy ways auto parts in edge wood. the salvage yard enters vinum weres into a state data base that produced a match to the stolen car. they traced the sale back to a tow truck driver, ronald
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junior. >> i got another hit on a stolen vehicle brought to hartford to sell and two additional hits. four total all with the same individual, he got paid a total of just under $400. >> now, to help becoming a victim of predator or abandoned towing police say to return for your vehicle as soon as possible. also a developing story the skies were anything but friendly for passengers and crew aboard a united flight from washington dc to los angeles. just about mid-country the plane encountered turbulence so severe it jolted passengers from their seats, injuring dozens some serious enough to require hospitalization. >> reporter: the outside of this boeing 777 shows hardly a scratch. but a look inside shows just what severe turbulence can do. >> pretty bad.
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laptops everywhere, looked like there was a huge party on the plane but there wasn't. >> reporter: passengers took pictures showing tomato juice on the ceiling, oxygen masks loose. one woman was thrown with such force into a wall it cracked. >> i heard screaming and i saw the oxygen masks dropped. she took my hand and said we are okay. it's fine. >> reporter: the flight had been a smooth one but 34,000 feet over missouri it suddenly dropped. >> i saw at least two people hit the ceiling, the girl in front of me two rows saw her hit the ceiling and slam back down. luckily i had my seat belt on. >> reporter: someone not buckled up and 30 people were hurt. injuries ranged from sprains, bruises, whiplash. paramedics took 21 people to the area hospitals. this is the third incident of injury causing turbulence this year in february, 20
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people were injured on a flight from washington to tokyo and in may, 10 were injured on a flight that hit turbulence over the atlantic. both of those also united. clayton san dell. abc news denver. all new at 5, visitors to statue of liberty shaking off anxious moments earlier today. park officials say the statue was evacuated as a precaution after a sensor in an elevator shaft falsely indicated smoke. national parks service said there was never any smoke despite what the sensor indicated but just in case several hundred people were evacuated. moms out there can always use a new tool to help them look after little ones. video monitors are a hot option many are choosing but josie is here to determine why they may leave you wondering who else is watching your baby. scary. >> yes, some video monitors reach 375 feet more than a
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football field. if you are using one it is possible that far away may be able to watch your baby the same way you do. those monitors are a big seller with momdads who want to watch and listen to what little ones are up to instead of sitting crib side. we will show you how these machines make it possible for strangers to get a good look at whatever is in camera range on your monitor. >> reality is no one is going to tell you, if you buy our product your neighbors might be able to look inside your house. that is not something that is out there. >> and this sunday we will talk with one mom who first noticed this problem after picking up someone else's baby on her monitor and realizing neighbors could tune into her home. tonight you can check out the screenings of a collector's print of star wars a new hope for free. it will honor the final day as operator of senator theatre. he said he grew up in the senator theatre and officially
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joined the family business in 1977, just as star wars was about to change the film industry forever. you can catch that at 8:00 p.m. tonight. the owner of the movie theatre complex has decided to sell the building. the regal cinemas continue to operate the 12 screen cinema under a lease. it is expected to sill for about $10 million. we are learning more tonight about a man accused of killing two women and their daughters. how the suspected serial killer was able to throw investigators off the case. if you are suffering from a constant ringing in your ear while your cell phone could be to blame. >> plus are you planning a birthday party for a friend or family member celebrating a big milestone. abc 2 is working for you with great gag gifts for your celebration. >> looking at bel air, 91
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turning 40, 50 or 60 all good reasons to celebrate. one way to make the milestone extra memorable is give a great gag gift. linda has five funny over the hill gift ideas. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: not everyone will make it to the big 100 but you don't have to hit the century mark to be the butt of those old timer jokes. at 40, 50 or 60 it is never too early to give a great gag gift. >> a lot of people become stagnant because they don't try to keep going. >> reporter: to keep your aging loved one from falling over how about a byow party, bring your own walker. >> this is why we do this. >> reporter: instead of
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toasting with wine, a big bottle of prune juice can do the trick. this can be a toast to regularity which leads to the next gag gift, adult diapers for when you really have to go. and when that 20/20 vision starts to fade, time to bring in reinforcement, a magnifying glass or better yet, gadgets with over sized button to help with blurry vision and things everyone will eventually need, an over the hill emergency kit packed with denture cleaner, hemorrhoid cream and pill organizers. and you can find more information including other five things list on our website on our home page just click on the lifestyles link at the very top of the page. tomorrow on good morning maryland at 6, shopping for the perfect birthday gift can be hard some times the person's age can make it even more difficult. abc 2 always working for you
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with the five best gifts to give by age that is coming up tomorrow on good morning maryland. well, today some of hartford county's gifted and talented students worked on ways to restore the environment. it gives students in grades 4 through 8 to do research on habitat. students come up with research questions, create data instruments, on topics including aquatic biology, wildlife management and soil conservation. it just has a bunch of different environments, forests, marshes, it has like sunny, and we learn to have team work and learn about do new things like different types of flowers, different types of animals and different -- all
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different things. the maryland summer centers program goal is make sure students learn in unique environments. and baltimore mayor wants to make sure children are eating smart. the summer food service program at morgan state university makes sure children 18 and under receive a nutritional breakfast and lunch five days aweek while school is out. they have 512 locations in the city including schools and community organizations that serve as feeding sites. i am just happy to have a relatively quiet evening so far after last night. you know what, sunny skies have been the story all day. hot weather again. that will be our big story yeah, we have the chance for more storms to pop up later especially but the next several days, heat building triple digits by saturday. >> back to that pattern.
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>> yeah, late july, early august what do you expect. >> i know. it is just so early. >> let's lookout side right now hot hazy sky, plenty of sunshine actually cloud deck bottom of those clouds the ceiling is relatively high, aviation term there but usually a high ceiling kind of indicating things are a little more stable than maybe this time last evening. certainly radar bears to that. 90 right now, humidity very very high sticky out there. want to show you this, a couple weather net cameras across maryland only see them here onabc 2. blue skies at times and at times billow up, but they never begin to vertically stack. there is some instability in the atmosphere but relatively minimal relative to this time last night more of an even wind field so less of a chance of any storms to rotate or become super cells or bring on a tornado warning possibility as
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we had last night. not impossible but very very slim we will see that this evening as again, right now, things are relatively quiet, just passing cloud cover. we do have watches and warnings up for much of pennsylvania, through new jersey, counties in red, severe thunderer storm warnings, our storm threat for the moment has shifted north. cecil county just in the edge of this severe thunderer storm, watch. just a watch right now, cecil county it would appear most of the threats north of us. you can see why, storming flairing, well north, cluster of storms i am watching down into northern virginia here. clean, five sweeps for you right now that is a good thing. fire up the barbecue. but out to the west we are watching a few storms beginning to develop towards stanton virginia, maybe move out toward lore rain caverns they could push up into maryland later this evening right now not
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looking impressive. 90 temperature right now boy, hot stuff above average. index heat plus humidity feeling like upper -9d 0s at the airport, 100 right now down at the ocean in ocean city. satellite radar trend, relatively quiet in central maryland now. plenty of action north of us where this whole boundary is. this whole ball of wax will eventually shift east ward and bring in drier sunnier weather tomorrow tonight we could see storms with that boundary approaching the forecast model tomorrow brings in a lot of sunshine and a hot day future temps well into the 90s tomorrow and the heat builds as we go into friday pushing 100 well into triple digit on saturday. overnight, 74, a few storms possible, but tomorrow, the big story will be heat. 94, sunny, hot a little less humid that is our only saving grace and tomorrow night down to 07 or so. -- 70 or so.
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chance of a spotty storm. seven-day forecast, hot, sunny weather, 97 friday, we are talking 100 on saturday. yeah, heat is going to be on as we head into this last weekend of july. >> all right thanks wyatt. looking for a job, abc 2 is working to help you get back to work. coming up a look at the best candidates.
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>> a look at what is coming your way at 5:30. prince georges county police have identified a man who killed two women and their daughters in two separate incidents. >> is baltimore based uss
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comfort on its way to norfolk. a navy proposal that has many folks in an up roar. the latest in the gulf oil spill and a new problem that could halt recovery efforts. these and up to the second forecast coming your way in 5 minutes. thanks a lot. in tonight's health alert, 10 to 15% of people in the industrialized world suffer from tinnitus, constant ringing in the ear. cell phone use is associated with it. here is dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: too much chatter on a cell phone might be associated with chronic tinnitus according to a small study pubbished. it is a -- published. it is a term used for free went ringing in the ears not -- frequent ringing in the ears not from an outside source.
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patient who is used the cell phone before the onset of the earring were 30% more likely to have the condition than the comparison group. those who used their phones for 10 minutes or more a day were more likely to have it. risks were higher for those who used their cell phone more than four years. tinnitus has become more prevalent in the last decade effecting 10 to 15% of people in industrialized countries. it can severely interfere with people's daily livethere is no current cure for the ringing. researchers believe the studies results should be explored earlier in hopes of reducing the risk. i am dr. timothy johnson. it is a whale of a tale. find out how a whale ended up on a boat in south africa, coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30 starting in 2 minutes
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well, it looks pretty clear right now but you are looking at a picture of downtown baltimore live. good evening i am roosevelt leftwich. we will get more rain in the forecast? we have had quite a bit about this time of day. wyatt is here with a look at your forecast. potential for storms later on tonight. right now the storm threat has stayed north and south. thunderstorm watch pennsylvania including is he sill county. -- cecil county, down lower on your screen southern virginia, northern north carolina, you can see why on maryland's most
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powerful radar, out on our regional scan big storms firing well off to the north and a cluster coming out of west virginia, more storms on the north carolina boarder. the tract of these could come eventually up, north and east if they hold together a decent line of storms in here later on tonight. for now, the threat is outside of our immediate area. for this evening we will call it a chance of storms, hot muggy conditions will continue, low 90s. do what you want to do outside for the moment but keep an eye to the sky. maryland's powerful radar will be here. now developing story prince georges county police think they have tracked down a crafty serial killer he murdered two women and their daughters last year in la go. karen and her 16-year-old daughter were killed last january and two blocks away and two months later delores and her 19-year-old daughter were killed. the 27-year-old

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